'We, The Jury' by Lloyd Morgan

A murder trial is disrupted by the apocalypse. But the question remains. Guilty or Not Guilty?

'We, The Jury' by Lloyd Morgan
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    Mark Renshaw (Friday, 22 March 2019 12:00)

    An interesting dilemma. Does justice cease under such circumstances? My only suggestion is to have the Juror and the accused face the prospect of their deaths from their different perspectives more. On the one hand, Charles has got off scot-free but he hasn’t and now he faces, potentially, a grander jury if there is indeed an afterlife and final judgement. It would be nice to get these elements across more. What we have at the moment is more of a casual conversation outside the court.

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    Kim Shaw (Saturday, 25 May 2019 21:23)

    This is the only script I have read, so far, that I wanted to know what happens in the end. Well done.