'We Were Human' by Nicole Robb

Alone in the last remaining satellite tower, one man has only minutes to decide mankind's final words.

'We Were Human' by Nicole Robb
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    Mark Renshaw (Friday, 22 March 2019 12:09)

    I love this. It goes against most usual conventions in that it is mainly dialogue but I love dialogue, so I don’t care! You naughtily go into 3 pages as well but that can be fixed. The idea is original and the sentiment is huge. You can make this just a big 2-page monologue, have them broadcast right from the start without any setup and it doesn’t even have to be into space, it could be as simple as a CB radio or streaming live across the remnants of the internet.

    This would be extremely easy to film yet powerful. And as you suggest in the script, it could be mixed in with a montage of clips either from the other impact films or stock footage. There are a lot of possibilities. I hope someone picks this up.