'Where Are You?' by Richard Osborne

If she wants to be with the man she loves at the end of the world, Annette must keep him from his family.

'Where Are You?' by Richard Osborne
002-035 Where Are You by Richard Osborne
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    Mark Renshaw (Friday, 22 March 2019 11:54)

    It needs a bit of tweaking to bring it up to industry standards with some of the formatting but that aside it reads fine. The old infidelity ploy. I could see a lot of that playing out if such an event was about to occur.

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    Mark Walker (Sunday, 17 March 2019 18:08)

    Hi Richard - nicely done - I can see this being a situation that would arise more than once in such an event! I like that the view from the window clues the audience into the deception. I wonder if you could show more agonising over ignoring her lover's phone....but then again, maybe she is not that compassionate... nice idea!