Wildcard Submissions

We recognise that some scripts that didn't make the final 55 scripts don't read as immediately accessible, but could be driven by a director's vision.


For that reason, filmmakers have the option to film ANY of the 2,094 scripts submitted to the Impact50 as a Wildcard entry, and, like Jokers in the pack, we will select two Wildcards for the final film (heavy note from the team here: we are hoping for two, but it may be more, or less, depending on what is submitted).

BUT Wildcards can ONLY be part of the process as a second film submission from a filmmaking team. To be clear, for every Wildcard film they produce, filmmakers MUST make a script from the final 50.


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Wildcard Contractual Process


We do not have contracts with the writers of all 2,000 or so scripts submitted to The Impact50.


If you have a script you want to make as a Wildcard, we will need to contact the writer and get a formal contract signed BEFORE you make the film.


That said, we recognise that most Wildcard submissions will already have an existing relationship – maybe the writer is producing or has a director friend. So this should make the process simpler. Still, we MUST have the script optioned or we cannot include it in the process.


If you want to make a Wildcard script, please email vicky@create50.com as soon as possible. Include a brief explanation of what you are doing and explain any existing relationships if they exist. Also include your email, phone number and the name of the script and writer.


Vicky will then come back to you with an update as to where we are at.


Don’t leave this until that last minute!


You can read ALL the scripts submitted to The Impact50 HERE.


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