International Ambassadors for Impact50

Enni Red - Screenwriter and Filmmaker // Russian Ambassador

I joined the Impact50 project on the screenwriting stage in December 2015. Since then I've been proud to become a part of an extraordinary international filmmaking community. I've written 3 screenplays, produced 2 short films in 2 countries and met amazing new friends. I am looking forward to doing as much as I can for this one-of-a-kind initiative which connects filmmakers worldwide to make the first crowdcreated feature film "The Impact".

Lee Crompton - Novelist, Writer, Filmmaker // Scotland Ambassador

Lee is based near Loch Lomond in Scotland where he founded Lomond Films. He has taken part in film projects in the UK and New Zealand and first got involved in the Impact50 during the filmmaking stage of Phase 1, producing two shorts, one of which is a second-chancer. He has also written a script for Phase 2. Lee is looking forward to engaging and collaborating with Scottish writers and filmmakers for this unique project and community.

Maureen Cuestas Hascoet - Screenwriter and Filmmaker // French Ambassador

Maureen originally hails from Brittany, France. After a masters with hons in English literature from La Sorbonne, Paris, she went to LA to study practical filmmaking. She is now making short films and has spent the last 10 years consulting on a vast array of creative projects in various roles at the Met Film School then for Blueberry Creatives.

Nicole Robb - Writer // Canadian Ambassador

Nicole Robb is a fantasy and science fiction writer from Ontario, Canada. In her spare time she enjoys world travel and her long-term goal is to see every country on Earth. She became involved with Impact50 during the scriptwriting phase, and wrote "We Were Human", which was one of the 55 winning scripts from the first phase of the project.

Steve Pool - Writer // American Ambassador

Steve is a passionate supporter of Create50, a writer, photographer, and professional English tutor. He has published many stories in online magazines and anthologies, including Create50's Twisted50, Twisted50 vol 2, and The Singularity. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife Robin. You can find his work on his website He looks forward to co-ordinating outreach to American filmmakers and screenwriters.

'The Impact:50’: The Core Team

Chris Jones - Director, founder and team leader

Filmmaker, author and creative entrepreneur. Chris has made feature films, an Oscar shortlisted short, runs TEDxEaling, The London Screenwriters’ Festival and has written seven books in his Guerilla Filmmakers Handbook series. Chris also founded Create50 and led the team behind 50 Kisses.

Judy Goldberg - Producer

A producer and screenwriter, Judy also manages the London Screenwriters’ Festival. Judy has worked on over 50 music videos and commercials, as well as several big budget feature films including three of the ‘Resident Evil’ franchise starring Milla Jovovich. Most recently Judy founded the community short film initiative ‘Be Heard’ which was created, written, directed and produced by survivors of abuse.

Viktoria Tolidou - Webtech and Content Manager / Editor

Filmmaker and web technologist. Viktoria got involved with London Screenwriters Festival and Create50 after working at 2016's London Screenwriters Festival. She also kicks ass with After Effects. Now she has stepped up to managing all the digital assets and website management for the Create50 projects as well as filming and editing events.

David Nicholas Wilkinson - Distributor

David has produced and/or distributed almost 150 feature films and has acted as a consultant on over 300 more, advising on behalf of institutional financiers, individual investors and numerous film and television production companies. David also distributed 50 Kisses and was instrumental in its success.

David Jacobson - Create50 Studios Team Leader


Tamara Bohrer - Social Media Manager


Alison Clapham - Production

Being part of Impact50 has encouraged me to share my work with others, to seek feedback, and to use that feedback to improve my skills. Seeing the films produced by others has motivated me to translate my own writing into film, and I now have experience of producing short films, and also of directing another writer’s work.

Andrew McGee - Head of Post Production

I'm a director and full-time video editor. I've worked on two films for Impact50, including directing the 'The Watchers', a stupidly ambitious short set on board the International Space Station as the Earth gets destroyed. I'm a big fan of sci-fi and disaster films so The Impact is right up my street, and I'm excited to be helping such a brilliant initiative fulfill it's groundbreaking potential.

Akinna Aquino - Filmmaker Outreach

As a recent Film Graduate I'm beginning feel exactly how tough it can be out there in this industry. I know that the hardest part for emerging screenwriters and filmmakers, like myself, is often building your network. Create50 allows you to work collaboratively with other creatives, learn from each other and experience the process together.

Impact50 Consulting Team

Joe Eszterhas // Hollywood Screenwriter

Joe Eszterhas is an American screenwriter and best-selling author. He has sold nearly thirty screenplays, seventeen of which have been produced, and his movies have grossed more than $1 billion at the box office. Joe’s most notable credits include ‘Basic Instinct’, ‘Jagged Edge’, ‘Flashdance’, ‘Sliver’ and the cult classic ‘Showgirls’.

Gub Neal - Executive Producer

Gub is an award-winning producer, formerly Head of Drama at Channel 4 and before that Controller of Drama at Granada. There he co-created ‘Cracker’ and won an Emmy for ‘Prime Suspect’. Most recently Gub produced both seasons of the BBC’s smash hit ‘The Fall’ starring Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan.

Eddie Hamilton - Consultant Editor

Eddie’s most recent credits include ‘X-Men: First Class’, ‘Kick-Ass’, ‘Kick-Ass 2’ and ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’. Eddie is currently editing ‘Mission Impossible: 5’ with Tom Cruise returning as Ethan Hunt and Chrisopher McQuarrie directing. Eddie’s unwavering dedication to his work and infectious energy never fails to inspire anyone who comes within three feet of him.

Tina McFarling - Consulting Publicist

Tina is a PR powerhouse in the UK film industry. Currently serving as Media Advisor for the BFI, previously Tina spent three years with Premier PR at Director, Corporate PR and before that was Head of Industry Communications at the UK Film Council. She has also worked for the British Film Commission, Moving Pictures International and Screen International.

Jason Kelvin - Production Designer

Having completed a degree in Theater Design I have over twenty years experience working as a designer, model maker, scene painter and prop maker in television, film advertising and theater as well commercial interior projects. I have followed my own instinctive path and enjoy innovative collaborative projects such as impact50 which bring together new and experienced talent creating a shared and supportive community.