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Classy Bird Productions and director Sean LeBard have taken over the reins of Just Right, the poignant story written by Alan Evans about a reclusive man wanting to be reunited with his injured dog before the end of the world. The film was originally slated to be produced by The Diaz Brothers and directed by Scott Young.


Pre-production has been under way for over 2-weeks, and filming is set for February 24-25 in and around Carson City, Nevada. The film stars Mike Wiencek as “Kurt,” and brings professional dog trainer Carla Popeney back to The Impact; she previously worked on Pluto for The Diaz Brothers.

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'Just Right', written by Alan Evans, produced by Classy Bird Productions

Filmmakers: Principal photography of Just Right, written by Alan Evans for The Impact, wrapped on February 25th in Carson City, Nevada. The film was directed by Sean LeBard of Classy Bird Productions and starred Mike Wiencek as “Kurt. Post production has begun, and a rough cut of the film will be uploaded to this site soon.


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