Flickering Wick Productions

Little did Kim know that by In Vino Veritas becoming one of the 50 chosen scripts to be put forward to producers, that she would become a producer herself. It was more out of a sense of panic and concern, she says, that having gotten this far, the script would become lost in the ether, and not picked up. She therefore formed Flickering Wick Productions in 2017. (Incidentally, she needn’t have worried; the script has also been picked up and shot by a company in Las Vegas!)

After having approached award winning Director, Ben Mole, whom Kim met at the LSF a number of years ago, they both set out to bring together a fabulously talented crew which includes amongst others, Director of Photography Pete Allibone, Editor Alexandra Wheeler (yes, Kim’s daughter) and Manchester By The Sea Composer, John Pickup.

With such a great crew lined up, Kim felt that it was only fair to them to aim high when it came to casting the lead role of John. Through much fundraising, countless hours of research, a small stroke of luck and a gigantic amount of persuasion, Kim was able to secure the talents of John Challis (Boycie from Only Fools and Horses). Mr. Challis charmed both camera and crew alike when we filmed on 8th August, 2017 in Kim’s tiny home hamlet of Neenton, Shropshire, England.

Having been bitten by the filmmaking bug, who knows what lies ahead for Flickering Wick Productions.

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'In Vino Veritas', written by Kim Wheeler, produced by Flickering Wick Productions

Based in Shropshire, Flickering Wick Productions was formed in 2017 by writer/producer Kim L. Wheeler, in order to film her winning script, In Vino Veritas, starring John Challis.


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