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Intercept Studios is a multi-platform media company with UK offices in Cardiff and London. The was originally co-founded by Ashra Jayatilaka and Andrew Oakes to provide services including film, television and animation production, design, illustration, documentaries, music promos, and advertising campaigns.

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'Silence' written by Rachael Howard, produced by Intercept Studios

How do you explain to your non-verbal Asperger's daughter that the biggest change is about to happen?


A World of Silence by Lee Burgess

When we entered The Impact 50, I had a clear and unwavering vision in my head. This was not going to be a big blustering film, but a small domestic glimpse into the world of a little girl who has a very different understanding of life. We knew that a lot of people were crowd-funding major productions with large-scale visions of the end of the world. Our film is set in a kitchen/diner. It is a simple setting with one ordinary mother and her extraordinary daughter.


The film is little more than a series of pleas from a desperate parent. It is a tale of a girl with Asperger’s syndrome and her total fixation on finishing her video game, a game that mirrors the chaos around her. It was agreed that to achieve this “locked in” existence we would work with tight angles and visuals that matched the setting.


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