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Based in Carson City, Nevada, Red Squares Kino has been producing short films for the last 3-years. Plans are in the works to branch into feature films and providing original content for Internet streaming. Presently, Red Squares Kino has completed production of two films for The Impact.

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Team Members: Natalia Filson (IMDB, Facebook)



Our Films

Lullaby, written by Jane Hamer, produced by Red Squares Kino

Filmmakers: Shot with Canon DSLR cameras, iPhone 6s, Azden mics, Bescor LED lights. Edited using Adobe Systems, Inc. software, Premiere Pro CC, Photoshop, AfterEffects. Music is composed using Studio One, edited using Audacity. We chose this script because of its strong emotional appeal.


In Vino Veritas, written by Kim Wheeler, produced by Red Squares Kino

Filmmakers: We wanted to work again with the actor playing John, and Kim Wheeler's finely crafted script gave us a great character to offer him. Editing has been slow, but a rough cut should finally be up on the site very soon.


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Lullaby written by Jane Hamer, Produced by Red Squares Kino

Directed by Natalia Filson under her Red Squares Kino production company, the film Lullaby written by Jane Hamer is now in post production.




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