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Spacegoat Films aims to make you laugh and make you think. We don’t always succeed, but we’ll take either-or!


Team Members: Caleb Tou (Dop), Martin Lee WHite (Editor, Director, Producer), Faraz Emamdoust (Composer, Sound Mixer) Mark T Osborne (Colorist), Arihel Bermudez ( Sound Recordist)

Our Films

I'm Afraid It's Bad News, written by Dave Stevenson, produced by Spacegoat Films

I really liked the concept of this script, with the role reversal that happens in the very unique context of the Impact50 framework. The two lead actors worked really well together to play with that dynamic and we tried a number of different approaches to give us options in the editing phase. WATCH FILM

The Travellers, written by Matt Giannini, produced by Spacegoat Films

Filmmakers: I was looking for a good script where Rich and Harry could really play off each other and this script was the perfect match. The Travellers really stood out as something different to me from the final 50. It's really well written and I welcomed the chance to do a more whimsical interpretation to bring some humor to the overall tone of the movie.  WATCH FILM

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