The Diaz Brothers


Based in Carson City, Nevada, they have been involved in a wide range of projects ranging from film and TV productions, original web content, publishing and music. In addition to their participation in The Impact, they’re preparing for production of a feature film and two music CDs, among other projects.

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Our Films

'Among the Stars', written by Richard Flynn, produced by The Diaz Brothers

Filmmakers: It’s bad enough knowing you’re about to die. It’s worse when you’re a teenager... your life has barely begun. We chose to produce this film because of how bravely Richard’s characters face the end of the world.


'First Time', written by Phill Peel, produced by The Diaz Brothers

Filmmakers: There aren’t very many scripts among the Winning50 that have comedic elements or are downright comedies. First Time, however, gives us a big dose of lightheartedness in an otherwise bleak feature film. There needs to be lighter moments here and there in the finished film, otherwise the audience will leave the theater completely depressed. That’s why we selected Phil’s delightfully funny script.


'Pluto', written by Simon Thomas, produced by The Diaz Brothers

Filmmakers: The Impact is, for the most part, a real downer of a film. Fortunately, the judges in the writing competition chose a few scripts that were a little on the lighthearted side. Pluto is one of them, which is why we chose it. We needed to know that there would be a few feel good moments dispersed through the finished film. Simon’s script was so much fun to read, and it translated onto film really well.


'Sing, Mommy', written by Tracey Parsons, produced by The Diaz Brothers

Filmmakers: How much more tragic can storytelling be that to have a mother unable to get home in time to comfort her child as the world ends? However, we also found it tragic that Tracy had cut an important scene from her script, a scene that we felt was necessary to include. Much to her delight, we put the scene back in and shot the film the way we felt it should be made. WATCH FILM 

'We Were Human', written by Nicole Robb, produced by The Diaz Brothers

Filmmakers: It was difficult to keep from crying when we first read Nicole’s “eulogy for the human race.” There was no way we couldn’t pass on this one. It’s the perfect final story for the finished feature film.


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