The Diaz Brothers

Based in Carson City, Nevada, they have been involved in a wide range of projects ranging from film and TV productions, original web content, publishing and music. In addition to their participation in The Impact, they’re preparing for production of a feature film and two music CDs, among other projects.


Watch our films below...


'Among the Stars', written by Richard Flynn, produced by The Diaz Bros

Recut - 30.04.18 // It’s bad enough knowing you’re about to die. It’s worse when you’re a teenager...


'Pluto', written by Simon Thomas, produced by The Diaz Brothers

Recut - 30.04.18 // The Impact is, for the most part, a real downer of a film. Fortunately, the judges in the writing competition chose a few scripts that were a little on the lighthearted side...


'Sing, Mommy!' written by Tracey Parsons, produced by The Diaz Brothers

Recut - 30.04.18 // How much more tragic can storytelling be than to have a mother unable to get home in time to comfort her child as the world ends?


'We Were Human', written by Nicole Robb, produced by The Diaz Brothers

Recut - 30.04.18 // It was difficult to keep from crying when we first read Nicole’s “eulogy for the human race.”


And it’s a wrap on ‘We Were Human’

We Were Human wrapped production in Reno at about 4:30 yesterday.


I took everyone to Bertha Miranda for dinner and drinks. (Left to right) me, our location coordinator Adam Barrett, cinematographer Aaron Franke, and stars Tony Frenchu and Cece Dietlein.


I can’t wait to start editing!



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New Stills from 'Among the Stars' produced by 'The Diaz Brothers'

Take a look at the new stills from the film 'Among the Stars' written by Richard Flynn and directed by Scott Young, while the film is in post production.


Here is what director Scott Young says about why they chose the script:


'We chose this script because of the strong emotional effect it will have on the audience. To be faced with death at such a young age, and to face it as bravely as Jay and Alex do will bring a few tears to the audience’s eyes.'


Film HERE.

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Thanking The Writers by Scott Young

I have been sitting here tonight contemplating The Impact and all the amazing writers whose screenplays are out there now ready to be produced.


And I've also been contemplating the writers I've worked with, thus far, and have concluded that I feel humbled to be in the presence of such great talent.


As a writer myself, I know the work you put into your winning scripts, as it's the same work I put into my own projects - hey, I actually DID enter the writing component of The Impact, but didn't place anywhere... probably because I already knew 2-years ago that I really wanted to get into the production component and dig my heels in there.

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Sing, Mommy! by Scott Young

It occurred to me that so many people don't know how difficult editing really is.


Here's a screen shot from a 40-second video that will only be seen on a smart phone when we actually shoot the full film this weekend.


I've invested at least 16-hours in making this video clip look like it's a FaceTime call that comes up on that smart phone.

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