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Phase Two Films Submitted

'Out With A Bang...' By Emma Baggott

An asteroid is about to hit earth, destroying all life. With only 97 minutes left until impact, Chloe and Daniel decide to lose their virginity to each other.

Unfortunately, it doesn't last as long as expected, and they must an endure a rather awkward 5 minutes as they wait for the final bang. 


'Forgive Me' by Ben Marshall , produced by Team Salvador Dalek

We are a small group of film makers, creating low/no-budget shorts in our spare time. Our core team (of Kevin, Patricia & Matthew) met while working on a low budget scifi feature film in NZ several years ago. Working together we have made 3 shorts so far, bringing in other cast & crew that we meet along the way.


'Need To Know Basis' by Adrenaline-Fuelled, Sleep-Deprived, Caffeinated Pictures

It occurred to me that North Korea is probably the only country in the world where the news wouldn't be published and I thought that would be an interesting situation for British Consulate employees to find themselves in. I believe our government would try to inform all employees so they would be some of the few people in the know. There is a curfew in many parts of North Korea I understand so as relatively minor employees in their own home in the middle of the night, they would be stuck.


'Amy's Choice' by Worthing Screen Actors

As the asteroid approaches, a young girl, Amy, about to be robbed of her womanhood, is faced with the choice of either staying with her family or spending her last hours with Dan, the one she loves - but he's also the one her father despises.


'Silver Seed' by 9 Point Productions

When the Earth faces an extinction event like no other since the dinosaurs, where is the hope?" Inspired by the Neil Young song, After the Goldrush, Silver Seed suggests that against all odds even the slimmest hope always survives... Ever since the 1940's a secret project has been preparing for this very day.


'Prime Meridian' by Inigo Productions

Inigo Productions tells original and compelling stories with complex, intriguing female protagonists at their heart.


'Last Push Till We Meet Again' by Zade Aerial Photography & Video,

Unable to find a disabled Indian actor, I had some encouragement from another fellow Talent Camper Bob, to get it filmed myself


'Blood Sweat and Tears' by Gingersnap Productions

BS&T was shot over four days just two weeks before the May deadline in three locations; the hills of Rocha da Pena (which at 34 degrees felt very much like Africa) and in the tiny central Algarvian village of Estômbar. Exteriors of the Ebola hospital were created from an old farm and the interior set built in BJ’s lean-to workshop. The sun shone, the wind blew and there was blood, sweat and tears aplenty. And when we shot the last scene, everybody cried.


'The Survivalist' by Oakhaven Films

 Newly-established production company specialising in genre-bending short films and music videos.


'Love Of My Life' by Adrenaline-Fuelled, Sleep-Deprived, Caffeinated Pictures

Adrenaline-Fuelled, Sleep-Deprived, Caffeinated Pictures was set up to make scripts by Karelia Scott-Daniels. She wrote this film following an article published in the Korea Herald in 2017 which was then picked up internationally including in the UK, about the high rates of domestic violence in South Korea.


'Be Prepared' by Blue Tartan Films

A small team that started in the northeast of Scotland, which uses local people to produce short and public information films.


'School's Out' by Schooldays Films

School's Out follows the staff and pupils at St. Mark's (a fictional secondary school) as news of the impact breaks within a normal school day.


'Filtered' By Hidden Alley Productions

A girl whose obsession with her looks has led her to be alone on the last day of the planet


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Watch Some Uploaded Films From Phase One

'The Travelers' written by Matt Giannini, produced by Silverbird Productions Ltd

Recut - 30.06.18 // Marty is forced to convince his skeptical brother, Paul, that he has a first-class ticket off the planet before the destruction.


'T-Minus' written by Carolyn Goodyear, produced by Adrian G. De la Pena

Recut - 30.06.18 // A boy and his mum are in their homemade spaceship awaiting lift off for their holiday to heaven.


'White Liar', written by Ben Mole, produced by Core Films

Saying goodbye is as important as hearing it. 

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